Elements of An Effective Ecommerce Web Design

Elements of An Effective Ecommerce Web Design

Stephenie Rapoza / June 9, 2019

Nowadays, ecommerce websites are almost a necessity for all businesses. Having a good ecommerce site can surely boost sales and expand the consumers that you can reach. However, not all websites are designed equal. Some have a user-friendly and efficient design while others are not that appealing at all. Boost you company’s performance by keeping these factors in mind when planning to create your own ecommerce website.

Display Bestseller Products

Showcasing your bestselling products on the homepage helps a lot in attracting customers to buy from your site. When people buy online, they are most likely in a hurry and wanted to know what’s in store for them. These bestseller products will surely help customers make up their mind easily and purchase directly what they need. West Legacy Group is one of the best when it comes to efficient and attractive ecommerce website design. Contact them for all your ecommerce needs.

Product Collection

You can base this on events such as season, festivals and other significant events. You can even make it more personal by tailoring the collection based on what a customer last searched. Be sure to refresh or update your collection to keep customers interested in checking it out.

Zoom Option

Just like when you buy something on a regular department store, it’s normal to check and inspect all the parts of the product to be assured of its quality. Adding a zoom option for pictures helps a customer look closely to the product and make better decisions. Just be sure to use high quality photos so it doesn’t get blurred when being zoomed in.

Feedback And Contact Information

Leaving your contact information on your website gives your customers a sense of assurance that they can contact you anytime when they have issues or queries regarding the product they bought. Respond to customer’s messages and feedbacks in a timely way to sustain good relationships with them.


Adding a delivery option helps your customers a lot so they can estimate the shipping costs no matter where they are. One of the best ways in gaining more customers is to offer free shipping services. It is best to place this information somewhere noticeable like the top of the web page. But you may also experiment if you have other ideas.


Incorporating this feature in your ecommerce site helps customers to keep and remember the item they had previously liked. Don’t forget to style it properly so that it is noticeable wherever you place it in the page.


Many people love sharing everything on social media and other platforms that’s why incorporating this feature to your ecommerce site can surely increase your audience reach. Make sure that your website is also mobile-friendly because people usually use their phones when browsing and shopping online.

Price Filter

Price filters help consumers find the product that is within their budget. This feature also allows customers to arrange products according to their price range to make it convenient and easier.

The online world is growing day by day so we should learn how to adapt and ride the trend through good ecommerce design.

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